Hompage Prof. Ines Heiland


I am Prof. for Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology at the University of Tromsø. My group is developing mathematical models of dynamic biological processes.

Mathematical simulations are an important tool in physics and engineering, but its application to biology and medicine is still in its infancy. However, as our knowledge of the molecular basis of biological processes is progressing, mathematical modelling is increasingly used to understand the complexity of living organisms.

We use existing biochemical as well as sequencing data to built analyse complex dynamic biological processes. The resulting models can e.g. be used to understand the basis of diseases and guide the development of drugs or simply better understand the biological process under investigation. Model systems developed and analysed cover all domains of life, from microbial ecosystems over plant development to mammalian physiolgy. Our main research interest are metabolic pathways and their potential interaction with signal transduction. We always work in close collaboration with experimental groups, which is advantageous, as model building is always an iterative process of simulation and experimental verification of model hypothesis. It furthermore guides the development of our models and usually defines the aim of the model.

More detailed information about current research interests can be found in my research profile at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. If you have questions regarding one of these projects or are interested in a collaboration, please don't hesitate to contact me.